September 12, 2010

Meet Silke, and Brave New Knits

photo copyright 2010 Jared Flood/Rodale, Inc.
Silke (pronounced ZILL-kah) is a cardigan jacket inspired by a former (German, hence pronunciation) coworker of mine, and appears in Julie Turjoman’s brilliant new book Brave New Knits. The sample, which was knit by my beloved Andi of KnitBrit fame, visited summer TNNA last year to many oooohs and aaahhs, and I think you’ll love it, too.
The Alchemy yarn is ridiculously delicious, and what you can’t see in Jared’s beautiful photographs — the internet can only do so much, pick up a copy of the book for a better view — is the contrast between matte and slightly shiny in the yarn choices, which highlights the overall look. Alchemy Sanctuary is 70% wool and 30% silk, so the lower body has that gorgeous sheen that silk gives a wool yarn, while the upper portion of the yoke, knit held together with Alchemy Haiku (which is 60% mohair and 40% silk) somehow manages to be shimmery and matte at the same time due to the way the mohair’s texture interacts with the silk.
I’m getting a little verklempt right now just thinking about the yarn. Gina at Alchemy really knows her stuff. But back to the book — Julie and I had such fun when she visited here to do my interview, we went to the patio at Melt (yes, we have a grilled cheese restaurant here) and spent ages out on the patio. Julie was among the first people to see Knitgrrl Studio in its raw condition, as I’d just signed the lease and we hadn’t even moved everything in yet or put up the drywall or anything.
Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Brave New Knits — not just for Silke, but because it’s a wonderful book and you’ll love it.

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  • nathalie

    very beautiful

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  • Jennifer

    Beautiful! I’m now off to look more closely at the book!

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  • Kaleido

    Beautiful.. and just got a copy of Brave New knits.. everything in there are simply wonderful… one of the best knitting book out there.

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  • yvette

    Seriously gorgeous. The yarn, the cardigan, the photo, the model!

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  • Jennifer

    So beautiful, I love this!

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  • Beth Jennings

    Wow! whoever thought wool could be HOT!!! love it!!

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  • Shannon


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