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March 4, 2006

March 2006 inspiration

Jess at Fig and Plum gave me the idea to dig through my photo archives and make myself a brain-jogging image matrix. I have a folder on my desktop where I deposit interesting web links or photos of knitting-related items. A “to-knit” list, or “hey! look at that sleeve, it’s pretty cool” reference…it varies. So here’s some of the photos in mine. You might recognize a few: Stefanie Japel’s Forecast, the Blue Alvarez Hot Lava cardigan, Dawn Brocco’s openwork cables, a Bettie Page graph I devised for a future colorwork project…

(I think when I do finally knit Forecast, I’m going to do the modifications Winnie made — it should look nicer on my arms).

In April showers/May flowers news, here’s a 2-sided kitty doll that makes me look forward to spring. Japanese craft books can be such a source of cool ideas.

Felicia at Sweet Georgia dyed some fleece with cochineal from Maiwa Handprints (aka the only store in the world where it’s simply best to take away my credit card before walking through the door). I have some of their pomegranate natural dye sitting in my studio downstairs, so I think seeing her fantastic results is also a source of inspiration — time to haul out the undyed fiber. Speaking of, do you know what cochineal dye is made of? See her site for the full photographic details, but long story short — bugs!

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  • Shar

    Rarely do I stop my obsessive knitting of handbags because I am so inspired by a sweater shape…or rather shrug. Please tell me what that gray cross-over shrug on the top left of the March 2006 pattern is and where do I get it??

    Reply to Shar
  • Post authorShannon

    Good question, Shar. Its source wasn’t labeled on the photo, though from the look of it, I suspect it’s from Rebecca magazine. I do know, though, that there was a similar shrug by Teva Durham in the Interweave book Wrap Style. Also, we’ve got a bag that’s structured a little like that in our upcoming felting book!

    Reply to Shannon
  • kristi

    i love the photocollage of inspirational pieces.

    also, i’ve been reading a book called _A Perfect Red_ that is about cochineal… and conquest and fledging world trade and such. Not only is it bugs, but darned important little bugs historically. Makes me want some.

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  • Post authorShannon

    Is the book good, Kristi? I saw it & haven’t gotten around to getting it yet…

    When you’re super-visual, collages are the way to go. I have big books filled with magazine cutouts, etc (and even more stuff that hasn’t been pasted in yet…no time!). Always good for glancing through.

    Reply to Shannon

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