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December 9, 2009


(I have these more often than most people, I think…what can I say? I like Malabrigo).

This past weekend in Boston, one of the other show organizers was wearing the most FABULOUS jacket, and it got me going on a skein I’d knit and pulled out about 5 times already. About 5 inches in, I realized exactly what it wants to be and now I’m on a mad knitting tear to bring it to life. I’d take a picture, but I left the project-in-progress at home knowing I’d need to go get another skein of the current color today.

The wind and rain is pounding my studio windows (which are almost 10 ft tall and 20 ft wide) unrelentingly. It sounds like a hurricane! Good thing I dragged in the wool stuff I needed to bring in from my car before the water came pouring down.

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