May 8, 2006

Llama rodeo

And the winner of the bareback llama holding-on-to competition is…me!

Yesterday Heather and I went to my friend’s alpaca farm for shearing day. There were 2 shearers, both Australian, and a huge number of friends ready to get up close and personal with camelids of all sizes. Alpacas aren’t really into getting haircuts, as a rule, and you have to hold them down to do it.

Awww, it’s ok! it’ll be over soon… This one took it quietly, all things considered.

The guard llamas came last. Many farms keeps one or two llamas to guard their alpacas, since llamas will attack coyotes or any other predators who come near. They stomp on them, actually…all the more reason to avoid their feet. They also kick and spit. And sometimes, if you’re very lucky, they’ll drag you across the barnyard and you’ll end up with gravel in your panties. Uh huh. Just ask how I know that last bit personally.

Things were going well. I’d isolated Lexi, the girl llama, in a smaller pen. I was hugging her neck, walking her out to the shearing area. The second she saw Australian With Electric Razor, it was “so long, sucker!” and she took off running. My brain took a few seconds to kick in, with everyone yelling at me to let go (it’s a bit startling to go from “walking with llama” to “flying with llama” in under 5 seconds). So I did, and dropped to the ground, hence gravel panties, etc.

Llamas are strong little beasties, no doubt about it. And that was just the girl!

Taking off a show fleece in one piece.

What with all the tiny fuzzy bits flying around the farm, I think I can safely say that the nearby birds probably have the softest nests in town. Funny sidenote: you know how dogs like to roll in the nearest bit of dirt after you give them a bath? Alpacas do the same thing post shearing. “Hello, dirt patch! Please let me rub my white fuzzy self all over you! Thank you!”

I’ll be posting some of the fiber for sale soon, but you can email me if you’re looking for a particular color, etc.

All done and off to the grassy pasture!

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  • Kim

    Ouch! And cute. And ouch!

  • terri

    Alpaca, romney, and mohair make an amazing sock blend. FYI.

    Reply to terri

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