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December 31, 2008

Last photo of 2008

I stopped at my parents’ house to grab the sauerkraut balls my mom made for us (and let me tell you, she makes the best ones on earth), and her cockatiel Zinnia decided my newly-violet-striped hair was perhaps a landing pad.

Things learned today: knit designer Chellie Pingree (author of several really lovely knitting books) is now the congresswoman-elect for Maine’s 1st district. A knitter in the House! What could be better than that?

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  • Amber

    That is just too cute, and I love the violet!!!!

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  • chppie

    Love the photo! It looks like one of those you write the caption ones.

    Would you/your mom part with her saurkraut balls recipe? I’m intrigued.

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  • cosy

    seriously. so cute! and love the hair.

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  • Emilee

    That’s such a cute picture!

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  • Post authorShannon


    Sauerkraut balls a la Christine: you need a bag of sauerkraut (not canned, yuck), leftover ham (this is why these usually get made around the holidays), breadcrumbs, an egg or two, and white vinegar.

    Squeeze out all the liquid from the sauerkraut. REALLY squeeze it. You can chop it up a bit finer if it’s really stringy, I’m pretty sure she whizzes it around the food processor once or twice, maybe after she’s whizzed the ham. Add salt and pepper, an egg or two and some breadcrumbs, as well as ham you have chopped to teeeeeeensy pieces in the food processor. Like, microscopic small. Squish, squish, squish. Add a little vinegar. Squish. You should be able to hold them together in golfball-sized balls (use a melon baller if you want to be all fancy and uniform).

    Roll in breadcrumbs. Fry in oil, and/or bake them. I think she usually fries them a little bit to get a nicely-colored crust and then throws them in the oven to bake more as she’s finishing the rest. Sprinkle with more white vinegar. Yum. Vinegar. They should be totally salt-and-vinegar-potato-chippy vinegar-y.

    Note: you will never, ever, ever make them as good as my mom. Even I can’t make them as good as my mom. And I’m a much fancier cook than she is, so…

    And now I have to go eat another one.

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  • Katya

    Happy New Year Shannon! Fantastic hair!

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  • jonquil

    a joyous & bright 09 to you & yours (including little zinnia :)!

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  • Annette

    What a lovely photo, Shannon! I wish you a very happy new year!

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