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December 17, 2008

Last minute gift suggestions

For the sewer:

Anna Maria Horner‘s new book Seams To Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing is a revelation — bright, colorful, spiral-bound to lay flat on the table as you work. Not an ordinary stitchery book in the least. From introductory info on sewing machines and useful-but-often-overlooked sewing-related items such as pressing hams and various cutting tools, Horner tackles everything you need to know if you’re a beginner, and provides a great refresher for even the most stitch-savvy among us.

Unlike other similar sewing books, Horner tackles handsewing in an entire chapter of its own, with tips on everything from sewing perfect circles to simple embroidery stitches. The projects are adorable — I’m particularly in love with the Pin Cushion Caddy — and extend over a large range of project types, from garments to accessories to home dec and — fine art created with fabric. Horner is well known for her art pieces made with fabric, and shows you how to create photographic-style images using fabric and more. There is a pattern pocket filled with 10 original patterns, too — given what her single patterns retail for, that’s a deal in and of itself!

Check out the Seams to Me pool on Flickr!

Want a signed copy for Christmas? Buy one here in her store. Otherwise, it’s available at Amazon and elsewhere.

So that’s a book review / gift suggestion for you. Some other ideas…

For the knitter or crocheter:

For the spinner or dyer:

For anyone:

For me:

Hopefully this will help you out of a shopping dilemma or two — I know I certainly waited until the last minute this year!

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