Furry book models

My friend Arabella’s niece (I think she’s six, correct me if I’m wrong) got a copy of Knitgrrl for Christmas last year and taught herself to knit.

So she made a scarf for Milkshake, our cat Spike’s brother. How cute is this?

It seems my “children” have a way of sneaking themselves into the books. Spike is on a page corner in Knitgrrl, playing with the kitty eggroll toy. Anezka (our dachshund) is in Felt Frenzy, as is Spike.

Their adopted brother Giles tried to get in on the family photo action by jumping up on the table while we were photographing AlterNation. Let’s hope they put one in the final layout, there were some cute shots.

And it’s not limited to the immediate family — that white cartoon kitten in the Knitgrrl books? It’s Lily, Kathleen (the illustrator)’s cat. Heather’s dog Frankie got a shout out for his new, superior felting technique in the Felt Frenzy intro section, too.

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  1. Umm………… (embarassed, but) yes. I made Spike try on a sweater I knit for my friend’s chihuahua, and just last week, I bought an Aran-style sweater meant for a small teddy bear. I put it on him, giggled, and then his papa made me take it off. I’ll try to get a photo when no one’s looking next time!

  2. OMG…… That is the cutiest modle I have ever seen. And love the scarf Very inspirational I asked my cat “stan” if he wanted one and he said no that it wouldnt he wasnt a girl. lol….

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