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September 28, 2002

(Knitting) ball of confusion

Ooh la la! I’m on the Needle and Hook: Links page! And speaking of links…

You can blame me all you want…but it was a funny pun, and I couldn’t help but repeat it to the Knitty editrix. Not my fault it amused her, too, and that you’ve wild hordes of knitters pounding down your (electronic) door now.

“Wild horde”? That made me think about Mongolian yurts and felting, for some reason. In issue #14 (2001) of the Ashford publication “the WHEEL” (on page 9), there’s an article about a woman in Scotland who initiated a project between schoolchildren in the Orkney islands and Kyrgyzstan (another place where nomadic peoples have used yurts) to create a hand-felted “Storytelling Yurt” with panels that showed the progression of a foundation myth story. And while we’re on the subject of nomadic wanderings…

Wooly Knits specializes in knitting tours. Here’s one they did in Scotland/the Shetlands. They’ve also done knitting tours of Ireland and Australia. I can’t say enough about how cool it would be to traipse around from knitting store to craftsperson to workshop to stiff drink ’round the fire to knitting group…

Ok. I’ll have to settle for my version of a knitting tour, which consists of visiting the Exotic Fiber Farms Tour Day being put on by Joselle of Tassawassa Ridge Fiber Farm in East Nassau, NY and her compadres 5 October (details to come soon!)

–Have stiff drink in emulation of Scottish tour–

Thence to Rhinebeck, NY for the fiber festival later in the month… (details are here — anyone want to meet up for lunch at the fest or carpool from Boston with me?)

I’m going to be building a website for Joselle soon and am very excited about meeting her angora goats + guard llama. In addition to fiber, roving, etc, Joselle also deals in antique/used fiber equipment (looms, niddy noddys, etc), and does workshops such as “The Frugal Fiber Artist”, where she shares her tricks for assembling a fiber studio on a shoestring budget. She’s currently considering doing a workshop re: finding a farm and getting started with a spinners’ flock. Sign me up! When I finish her site, I’ll let you all know…

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  • zjannae baen

    I would like to sign up for Knitting ball of confusion..and for Josells website when it is finished! thank you Zjannae

    Reply to zjannae baen
  • Susan

    Hi- I am a NYC tour guide and offer tours of the best and most unique yarn shops in NY
    would love to talk to you about them. Tours combine visits to yarn shops, trim shops, studios as well some history and culture of NY
    Happy Holidays!

    Reply to Susan
  • Sally Williams

    Are you running any worshops/holidays in Oct 2008? thank you

    Reply to Sally Williams

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