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April 2, 2004

Knitter's Geek Code

The spring issue of Knitty is out, and it’s got a hilarious article on the Knitter’s Geek Code, inspired by the various techie-style geek codes of the internet. Without further ado, here’s mine:


Version: 1.1

K E R Exp+> SPM++> Wood+@ Bam +++ Addi– Wool+++ Lux+ Stash+(+)  Scale+ Fin+ Felt + Flat — Circ +++ DPN – KIP +++ Blog +++ WIP =3 Gauge W ++ Wv + Sp++>$


And here’s the pattern I would love to get to before the end of the summer, along with her Kyoto design from an issue ago or so.

Surprisingly, we don’t have as many knitters on board with my new shop as I would like, so if you’re a knitting diva who wants to make money cleaning out your stash, please get in touch! The shop will be opening in mid-May or so, after I have moved home to Ohio permanently, and just wait til you see some of the cool things we’ve got…

Getting that ready to open, moving 11 hours away and more has taken up ALL of my time recently, so apologies for my low posting volume. It’s the same on all my sites, believe me.

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