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May 30, 2007

knit.1 spring issue

The Green Issue of knit.1 is out now, and it has lots of info on a topic very close to my heart, namely eco-friendly and alt-fiber knitting. Check out this issue’s table of contents for more. My column is about unusual and eco-friendly fibers — fun!

I can’t wait for TNNA this weekend — Crystal Palace has a new corn-based sock yarn called Maizy coming out and I’m positive it’s going to be very cool. Combined with South West Trading Company’s aMAIZing, you’d have quite the cornfield in your knitting wardrobe.

For the longest time I felt like Cassandra, since I’ve been saying how cool these alternative plant fibers are for years, but it seemed like no one believed me. So it’s really gratifying to watch their popularity spread faster and faster with each passing month. The May issue of Yarn Market News (an industry magazine) also had several features on bamboo, soy and related yarns, which means you should probably expect at least a little trickledown into your LYS. And if not, ask for them!

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  • emmajane

    The article looks great, Shannon! I picked my copy up yesterday.

    Reply to emmajane
  • Post authorShannon

    thanks, Emma Jane! I love that cover, too.

    Reply to Shannon
  • Terry

    I can’t wait to see these new fibers. I am very interested in alt fibers too. I was amazed when i started spinning and found soy silk, bamboo, and ingeo and it seems like there are more and more cool things coming out all of the time.

    Reply to Terry

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