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February 14, 2009

Joss Whedon wants to tell you something, knit designers

From my hero, Joss Whedon, about the writer’s strike, originally posted to Whedonesque. Replace “studio” with “publishers” or whatever you like:

The studios mean to starve us out. They can’t. We know what’s at stake. We take care of our own, and those around us who aren’t our own. We dig in. And eventually, if after months of deadlock we still can’t make an equitable deal, you will start to see real change. Change in the way we entertain you, change in the essential structure of America’s most popular export. (Unless it’s corn. Is it corn?) The fact is, the studios have been robbing us for twenty years. (Actually, it’s been much longer, but the statute of limitations says I should let ’em off easy.) This grotesque insult of a negotiation is the end of an era. It will be remembered as the stupidest move the conglomotainment empires ever made. WE ASKED FOR PRACTICALLY NOTHING. And they…

Something snaps. Something changes. Chaos, meet opportunity. Let them try to starve us out. We won’t just survive. We will THRIVE. We’re known as a creative community, and those numb f#$%ing frost-giants are about to find out we’re a lot more of both than they knew.

Yes, the man who brought you Buffy (and some truly hilarious commentary on knitters/crocheters, too) knows what’s up. Take heart this Valentine’s Day, friends. We’re on the side of good…just like Buffy.

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