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June 24, 2009


Jasper is finally off the needles and now I am feeling ambivalent about sewing on the zipper. Not because it’s difficult or anything, but because I kind of like it without — the slipped stitch edge is nice as-is.

My models love me — it was insanely hot and sticky yesterday and yet they humored me by putting on wool. First, my studio-mate Arabella (some of her paintings are in the background):

and next, my dad (yes, it’s a little small on him, but not by too much, it’s quite stretchy):

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  • Aesox

    Awesome models! I think I’m with you, skip the zipper and find a nice small shawl pin!

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  • Kimberly

    You are totally killing me with these pattern teases. I want to knit them all — NOW!!!! I agree with the no zipper style. It is yummy and you can always add a shawl pin or clasp or such if you must close it. Keep up the great work and the models rock too!

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  • jonquil

    awesome beard, knitgrrl’s dad!

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  • Shannon

    He does have a rather spectacular beard, doesn’t he? Sometimes he grows it even longer!

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  • lamb

    cute dad!

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  • deb

    Dad is rocking the sweater. He has that “model” ‘tude, too.

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