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November 2, 2010

In which I wait for yarn & introduce Xylem

My NaKniSweMo yarn is late. I am trying not to panic. So, to warm up, I created a new hat pattern over the weekend. Meet Xylem.

modeled by my delightful studio neighbor Phyllis, in front of one of her prints
You can order the pattern (for $4.50) below. I am having some fairly massive cravings in terms of wanting to order ALL the Shelter (Brooklyn Tweed yarn used in this hat). I have some Button Jar in stash but the Thistle — my golly, the Thistle — WANT IT, TOO. That yarn is fantabulous.
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Before I became a big sweater knitting geek (NaKniSweMo? yes — that is geeky), I was a major-league hat knitter. Most of my early designs are spread out among family and friends, and who knows how on earth I could round them all up again? I really should have been better with the photographs. I’ve been debating doing a booklet of hat designs for a while to get my mojo back, because once I get started, I CANNOT STOP KNITTING THEM. I love it too much. Should this be my December project? What do you think? It would give me an excuse to buy — or salvage from stash — gobs of indie yarn that I’ve been wanting to knit for a while, so there’s a stash-clearing incentive, too. (Hello skeins of Quince & Co hanging on my studio wall, hi Yarn Love yarn in the delicious Lagoon color, etcetera etcetera).

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  • Katie @ Yarn Love

    I love the Shelter colors, too! Right now I’ve been trying to knit but it hasn’t been working (fussy baby) so I’ve been trying to hold off. Yarn Buying while not knitting = Fussy Hubby.
    Love the hat – good for you putting your creative energy to work while your dastardly yarn takes it’s sweet time in coming!

    Reply to Katie @ Yarn Love
  • Heather Ordover

    Gorgeous chapeau, dahlink! And the color! Mwah! And oh, my goodness, I dream of the day I can have me a studio neighbor!

    Reply to Heather Ordover

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