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November 8, 2011

In stark contrast to the last post…

A joint project between two people I admire very much, Kate Davies and Felicity Ford.
From the About page:

What is WOVEMBER? The idea is to show our collective appreciation of WOOL by wearing as much of this fabulous fibre as possible, and celebrating WOOL and its unique qualities in stories and pictures throughout the month of November. We hope that through our enthusiasm and creativity we can raise awareness of WHAT MAKES WOOL DIFFERENT, and jointly create a force for WOOL APPRECIATION strong enough to effect changes in how garments and textiles are described and marketed.

So knit on, my friends…knit on…with some lovely fluffy wool.

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  • M.K.

    Doing Wovember in Honolulu seems silly – so of course I’m doing it. Putting up another wool tree sweater and 2 refreshed handspun wool jellyfish in the ongoing yarnstorming of Kokua Market Co-op later today…

    Reply to M.K.

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