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January 25, 2006

In Cleveland, it’s so cold that…

…even our trees need sweaters! For the full story about the artist, click here; the photographer’s got an addendum posted about her.

Where the sweater-trees are installed is within walking distance of my old house on the east side of Cleveland; specifically, Severance Circle in Cleveland Heights. This also brings to mind the tagging (aka knit-graffiti) of the Knitta Please crew!

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  • spamguy

    Fascinating. It’s three months later…are the sweaters still there? If so I’m hopping on the 9 bus from Case Western ASAP to pay a visit.

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  • Leigh-Anne

    Hi! Yes, they’re not nearly so brilliantly colored but – same knit, different day! I pass the sweatered tree daily…

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