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October 6, 2011

If you like pattern PDFs, thank Steve.

Without you, the pattern PDFs of the world (and SO much more) wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful. Take it from me — when I worked for Apple as a product evangelist and for the college newspaper in the earlyish 90s, even though page layout software wasn’t nearly as sophisticated, it sure beat the pants off what the competition had.
And not only that, the companies and software that sprang from that time period are still the ones (or ancestors of what) we’re using today to produce patterns, ebooks, full-blown books and more. He democratized DIY publishing and gave us the tools that previously were limited to professionals with gobs of cash and a bunch of staff. He made what I do possible.
Thank you, Steve Jobs, for everything Apple did to integrate great design into our visual and user experiences. Thank you for following your vision. And thank you for enabling me to do what I love.

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  • jerre

    He helped us “old ladies” feel confident enough to take on “newfangled computers” and learn that we were able to become as technologically accomplished as we wanted. I will miss his ability to think as if the box didn’t exist.

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  • Rebecca

    Agreed. The man was a genius for sure. Nice post 🙂

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