November 20, 2006

I need to watch more TV

Apparently I’ve been on DIY Network twice already, and missed both of them. We taped three episodes of Uncommon Threads, and while I knew when they were about the air the first, I missed #2 and #3 doesn’t have an air date listed yet.

This is the page to watch for upcoming episodes — alas our new DVR doesn’t have keyword search capability (or if it does, we haven’t found it yet!).

Still getting back into my working groove after this weekend in Kansas City. Amy hits the nail on the head. Stitchy McYarnpants does, too. (I am also fortunate to have an extremely understanding significant other — one who, after I fell asleep for several hours and didn’t cook dinner last night, not only willingly went out to dinner with me, but reminded me which pocket I’d put my credit card in 5 seconds earlier. Yes, my short term memory is shot). And Jillian knows what we’re talking about.

But you work through it… with coffee, chocolate and little bribes to yourself. (If I finish this article, I can knit my NaKniSweMo project, etc). Probably the biggest laugh I had this weekend was someone asking me if I handknit all my holiday gifts. Please. No one gets handknits anymore unless they are a fellow knitter or really appreciate them. I revoked a sweater knit for my boyfriend one Christmas because he never wore it and I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend that much time knitting something that stays in the drawer. He did wear the hat to death, though, so maybe I’ll do another one of those.

Three years ago, however, I gave some advice to those of you who want to fake it. Just remember to take out the label first…

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  • Debbie

    ~sigh~ It’s nice to have an SO who can pick up your slack, isn’t it?

    It’s all about the bribes. As I finish pieces of a project at work, I’ll allow myself to skim blogs for 5 minutes at a time. As much as I try to seek balance, keep organized, make lists, mark calendars – sometimes you get a little buried. Seems like a lot of people are digging ut this week. I’m in good company under this pile. 🙂

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  • Liz Flores

    I’m knitting the hat w/ the purled heart pattern from Knitgrrl, but I’m confused, the pattern is over 23 squares which doesn’t divide into the 80 stitches I cast on, have I missed a step?

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