August 26, 2011

How I get myself into things.

Last night I had a very traumatic dream about my longtime friend Amy — aka the editor of Knitty magazine. I had submitted a sweater for Knitty (which, incidentally, was green), and she totally hated it, and was really really mean about it (very unlike Real Life Amy), and so I was very pouty and angry. All of a sudden, fried pickles went on sale in the room we were in (it appeared to be some kind of fiber festival, and it was happening in a room that resembled my 4th grade school’s library), everyone got excited, and their happiness made me all the more irritated. I woke up and posted about it on Twitter:

Had the most ridiculous dream with you in it, @knittydotcom! You super-dissed this sweater I’d knit, and I was really sulky, but then…
…there were fried pickles and everyone was crazy excited about them for some reason while I was still supersulky. ???

Which leads to…

knittydotcom: @knitgrrl you are mental. Fried pickles, eh? This means you must design a sweater for knitty called Fried Pickles. Or something.

And Kim from Indigodragonfly gets mentioned as a possible yarn source…

indigodragonfly: @knitgrrl @flowerknit @knittydotcom OK, what are you nutty people dragging me into now???


FlowerKnit: @indigodragonfly LOL you have the perfect color for a Fried Pickles pattern that we appear to be commissioning @knitgrrl


knitgrrl: @indigodragonfly @flowerknit @knittydotcom oh my god you guys…the tweets have it! I will do it. BUT… (but tweet to follow)
It would get done ever so much faster if some kind sample knitter wanted to play with us. I will put it on my very tiny friend Elle…
(so the knitting isn’t TOO onerous), but my fall schedule is madness already. SO. Knitters. Who wants in on this pickle-inspired insanity?

Less than a minute later, Jaya (@windchains) volunteers to sample-knit (as do several others, but she was first in — hurray for timestamps!), and I tweet.

@windchains wins. You are all crazy and I love you, I will take Elle’s measurements tonight. THE PICKLE SWEATER IS ON, @knittydotcom.

And Amy responds:

knittydotcom: We has the powah!

All of this happened in less than six hours. I’m currently eyeing up Indigodragonfly MCN Sport in Well, Put Me On The Short Bus And Send Me Off To Clueless School. Thinking about appropriately-pickle-texturey stitches? that should take a little longer than six hours!

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  • Kim

    I believe this is almost exactly how my business got started.

  • Cari

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the twitstorm from the sidelines; can’t wait to see what comes of it! (Also – have you considered Indigodragonfly’s Just Say Oregano? Gorgeous green!)

    Reply to Cari
  • Martha

    Fried pickles + fiber = Rhinebeck. At least to me…
    Maybe a trinity stitch, to emulate pickle bumps?

    Reply to Martha
  • Margaret

    So, then, I’ll assume the photo story will take place at the Beer Engine aside a plate of awesome burgers and fried pickles?

    Reply to Margaret
  • Katya

    You are funny! Now looking forward to seeing what your Fried Pickles will look like 🙂

    Reply to Katya
  • Anna

    Brilliant!! I think this should be followed by other fried foods. Can’t wait to see the finished item!

    Reply to Anna

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