June 28, 2011


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Meanwhile, meet my new baby:

(Seen in the messy desk background: my Harveyville cup, the little bag with my Flip camera in it, a blue Mason jar just to torment my friend Candra, who loves them, the edge of one of my leopard-print Lexie Barnes bags), business cards, a mug by my potter friend Gina)
These are the sleeves of my new sweater design. The yarn is Alisha Goes Around Stable of Horses, a delectable superwash merino with an ultra-sproingy tight ply to it. “Sproingy” is perhaps not the professional term for it, but it is the most apt. And it is FABULOUS to knit.
“Sleeves?” you say. “But Shannon, that looks like one big ol’ sleeve, not two!”
You are correct, Fearless Reader! You knit ’em both at once and then you steek ’em! No worrying about running out of yarn for colorwork ever again. Perfectly matching stripes. All will be explained in the pattern, I promise. You can resort to knitting your sleeves separately if you really want to, but where’s the fun in that?

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