Happy anniversary, Yarn Harlot!

Stephanie put out a call on the Twitter-Bat Phone this morning about the “Class of 2004” knitbloggers on the occasion of her anniversary.

*raises hand*
According to the Internet Archive, they first archived knitgrrl.com in August 2004, thought I know it was online before then, as a sub-site of my old personal website. In fact, I remember moving over those posts from the old blog to the Knitgrrl domain… hang on, let’s see what the earliest post is.
*runs off to look*
27 June 2002! In which we learn where and why I learned to knit, and I make an off-color joke. So, 12+ years later, I guess not much has changed… EXCEPT FOR EVERYTHING. This website gave me my purpose. It took me where  I needed to be. It brought me from a failed relationship that more or less razed my then-life to the ground (I sold my house. I left my job. I moved 500 miles away with my boyfriend, and THEN we broke up…) to doing what I love, namely writing and editing and designing and publishing and COMMUNICATING like crazy in a zillion different ways with all of you.
Not bad, internet. Not bad at all. And cheaper than therapy, all things considered. So thank you!

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