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February 18, 2011

Giddy as a schoolgirl!

Well, that’s done for now! All the Silk Road Socks preorders are in the mail and on their way to you. It only took 1.5 days of envelope-stuffing and well over 3 total hours at the post office — and a dozen doughnuts, which I brought for the post office guys on day 2 of the postage-applying. I am tired! And yet I am so ridiculously giddy today, like a four year old on a sugar high. Why? Let’s bullet point!

  • I have an exciting new project underway
  • a few other projects are hitting their “almost done” stage
  • I’m teaching somewhere I’ve never been next month (Austin, TX — at Hill Country Weavers and Common Thread)
  • I bought ridiculous lingerie for no reason whatsoever! It’s just plain silly!
  • My boyfriend got me one of these AND a funny espresso maker thingy for Valentine’s Day
  • I’ve been working on some personal knitting, the kind I don’t have to write down later — I love that. Sorry, kittens, but when you do this stuff all day, that just starts to sound so appealing. You mean I don’t have to write this down and make it work for multiple sizes? Hell to the yes.
  • Several exciting boxes just arrived at the studio for Cooperative Press stuff
  • It’s like, 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside. It’s practically shorts weather. Although that said, for Clevelanders, 40 degrees and up is considered shorts weather

And it’s FRIDAY!
It’s been a long week. Heck, it’s been a long month. Today just feels fun for some reason. I am willing to bet you that the second I get home, I will collapse from sheer exhaustion, but as of right now, I’m just going to ride the wave. I hope you have a delightful weekend, too!

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  • Anna

    Hill Country Weavers is fantastic! It just keeps winding and turning and each room is a new adventure. I picked up my tape measure there – it’s a crocheted turtle.
    I heartily recommend going just across the street from HCW to Big Top Candy Shop. They have cucumber soda. Any time I visit Austin I have to stop there and grab a soda. It’s like Sprite – just different. The shop also has tons of random candies, old school candies, and just weird candies (I got my sister brain flavored zombie mints – don’t ask).
    Also, among coffee snobs, the aeropress is considered one of the purest ways to make coffee. Way to go boyfriend!
    Have fun!

    Reply to Anna
  • Post authorShannon

    CUCUMBER? Oh yes, please!
    And yes, we’re caffeinated-beverage-snobby in our house, I would expect nothing less of him! But it was my friend Rosemary who suggested that, me who put it on my Amazon wish list and him who came through with it prezzie-wise!

    Reply to Shannon
  • Michelle

    OH I for one saw a few people out in shorts and flip-flops this evening in North Olmsted!

    Reply to Michelle

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