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Would you like a free issue of Entangled magazine? Sure you would. Leave a comment on this post (make sure you include your email address, though it won’t be displayed publicly) and we’ll have Entangled send you one. Cooperative Press had a lovely ad in this issue, and so we’re allowed to give away some issues to our friends. You’re my friend, right? รขโ„ขยฅ

82 thoughts on “Get a free issue of Entangled”

  1. Interested in reading this magazine. Just completed a few knitting courses and I’m officially addicted. Thanks for the free gift to feed my creative habit.

  2. Just getting around to reading Tuesday’s blogs – celebrated 36th anniversary after working a full day instead of reading. Love your Cooperative Press – great concept. Gotta get me a copy of Shaping Shawls. I’ve been curious about Entangled so decided to post a comment in hopes of seeing a copy. Thanks for the offer.

  3. Woot! Hello everyone! So I’ve sent the first 10 names over to Zinio who will then email you on how to get your free issue. For those of you after Shannon’s comment, I’ll forward your names on as well! Zinios emails often get caught in spam filters, so keep your eye out for them. And if you’ve not heard from them within a week, email me and I’ll sort it out!

    And as a special treat – I’ll upgrade one lucky person to a full years subscription! The first commenter from above who emails me with the answer to the following question….. Who is the most awesome Shannon ever?


  4. Wow! How nice! I hear Jacey’s joining that team. Must be a good one if she’s on board. I’ll have to check it out.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Ever since the loss of FiberArts magazine, folks have been looking for new sources of inspiration. Hope to find that in Entangled — would love a sample issue!

  6. I would love a copy of Entangled Magazine. I just heard about it yesterday. I’m sure subscription is just around the corner (like January)

    Many thanks,

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