Full of Holes scarf correction

Thanks for the alert that Kirsten Zerbinis’ lovely pattern in Knitgrrl 2 is somehow missing its number of stitches to cast on. All I can say is that I think the printers may have not consumed quite enough coffee that day — first using the wrong schematic for Jenna’s tank, and now this!

The number you’ve all been waiting for is (drumroll, please)… fifty-five! Cast on 55 stitches and carry on with the pattern as written.

This will also be posted to the errata page.

3 Replies to “Full of Holes scarf correction”

  1. thank god. geez, I did this so many times. someone had a post it note in the book on that page with 55 then crossed out to 61. aaahhhhhh. i did 49 also. if this wasn\’t so darned cute I wouldn\’t have done it over and over. well, this is the first time I\’ve referred to the/a website for an answer. praise the knitting gods/goddesses and all that is hole/y (pun intended) for saving my last attempt.

    hugs to all of you, the book is lovely.


  2. Can someone explain to me what step 6 is saying: “Then create a 7th new stitch by picking up 1 stitch from the left side of the hole”?

    I’m going crazy…what hole?? Can someone send me a pic or something?


  3. Hey Carrin,
    I am also stuck at row 6????
    Its crazy.. create a 7th new stitch by picking up 1 stitch from the left side of the hole?????
    Can someone please suggest something…

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