October 30, 2007

Felt School!

Oh, the fun. You have no idea how much. And the food. And the felt. Everything was fancy, like it was from France. (Sorry. Inside joke. Must be pronounced with full stereotypical Chicago-style “a” to say it correctly).

We’ll have photos up on Flickr and Ravelry soon enough, so I’ll point those out when they appear. Good news for those of you who missed out, though — looks like we’re going to do it again next year. Fancy.

A huge round of applause to Nikol for doing such an amazing job with the organization, food and everything else — if you haven’t yet had an opportunity to attend an event at The Harveyville Project, allow me to recommend it wholeheartedly. There’s much to be said for hanging out in an old high school, particularly if you’re a Buffy fan like me. (Speaking of which, I think we made a few new converts to the Nathan Fillion cause this weekend).

It’s is always a good sign for any workshop when people want to work long past the regularly-scheduled class times. We probably spent well over 9 or 10 hours felting on Saturday alone! Thanks so much to our inaugural group of alumni, who made it 110% delightful.

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