October 2, 2010

Felt School + Silk Road Socks

This past month has been so busy and crazy I can’t even fully put it into words. It’s after midnight, I have to leave for the airport a little after 6 in the morning to go to Kansas to teach at Felt School, my last load of laundry isn’t even done yet, and I haven’t even told you all about Silk Road Socks yet! eep! So to remedy the latter bit: see here. It’s finally available for preorder — hurrah!
October is always the most jam-packed month of my year and this one is no different. Photos of sheep, felt and other fuzzies to come soon.

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  • Jill

    Shannon, I just don’t know how you manage to do all the things you do! You must never sleep. When I have a huge ‘to do’ list, my Mom always tells me, “What doesn’t get done will wait.” So true it is.
    And I have to ask you…where can I get that fabulous yarn from? The one pictured at the top right of this page? The colors are just to die for!

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