September 2, 2009

Felt School: just a few spaces left

Nikol announced on her blog that there are just a few more spaces left for Yarn School and Felt School (the latter is the one I teach), so, to quote her: “put a wiggle in it” if you want to sign up! Details here.

I spent this weekend doing some thoroughly relaxing gift knitting that I can’t reveal quite yet because a. I left the camera at home today and b. hello, that would ruin the surprise if the recipient saw it, wouldn’t it? I think part of the reason it was so relaxing was that I was making it deliberately non-repeatable (with some thoroughly crazy random cable crossings and stuff) without writing any of it down. You have no idea how liberating that can be to someone who does this for a living!

My plan is to finish up the other accompanying piece and send them out before I knuckle down and finish writing up (and photographing) Metis, Ulrike, Noemi and some of the other patterns I have sitting here right now.

Marvel at my clean desk! Marvel at it! Those sweaters stacked over the chair in front are all waiting to join your knitting queues.

Also, check out my awesome new giant cutting table!

Knitgrrl Studio is cleaner than it has ever been, and the online version of the shop is filling up with some cool new stuff, such as Whimsical Little Knits by Ysolda Teague, crewel wool samplers, and of course patterns, patterns, patterns!

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  • Amanda Williams

    I am so jealous!
    First of knitting without writitng and taking notes and second, the new space looks amazing!

    Reply to Amanda Williams
  • MJ

    Is that Copine hanging from back of the chair in that first picture? 🙂

    Your studio looks lovely!

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