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September 13, 2007

Fall issue of knit.1 is on sale now!

In my column this month: inspirations for retro-inspired knitting and crochet that can also help you destash. Granny squares, old-school stitch patterns and vintage fun galore.

I have to go see if the local indie bookstore has it yet, ’cause I can’t wait for my copy to come in the mail!

Also, I really need to find a decent portfolio/organization system for all my magazine column clippings and stuff. The ones at the local art store are no good. I think I’ll end up just having to make one…

(“Additional organization needed” is the theme of my life, I swear)

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  • emmajane

    Mum used to get plastic slips for her magazines that held them in three-ring binders. Try an office supply store. I’m not sure what they’re called… but you slide the magazine into the plastic hook and then snap the hook into a binder.

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  • Ivy

    NaKniSweMo sounds tempting, particularly since I’m not doing NaNo this year. I have a baby norgi to do from Knitty and the baby for whom it is intended is about to pop.

  • Gia


    I did this too – along with all my handwritten notes – due ot no printer, I have to copy everything to paper form the internet.

    Anyway – I got a 3-ring binder, and some 8×11 sleeves with binder holes, and slipped them in each one. They fill up quickly, but you can use front and back!

    Also – I got dry-erase markers so that I can reuse each pattern, w/o making marks on them! You may be able to use washable markers (crayola) just as well. (in case your worried about drying and smudging in the time in-between knitting). This has happened to me.

    Anway – I also send (email) allot of things to my hubby at work, and he prints them and comes home with them 🙂 lol

    Most my mags are on my coffee table. I dont subscribe, because I would never get anything done – just dream of what I want to make…LOL When something is done, I go to the next – I try to do that anyway…lol


  • Amber

    Fun! I need to go pick it up so I can take a peek at your column! 🙂

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  • Joanne

    I am overrun with clips and copies of magazines, etc. I started out with huge binders and plastic sleeves. That worked for a while. Now there is just a pile of new clips sitting on top of these things. I need to be better at this, too! I’m especially bad at printing off copies of the web only articles.

    When you have a solution, let me know? Oh, and the weirdest part? A friend of ours came to visit and–she looked through all the binders. It was very affirming that someone actually wanted to do this, but boy did it feel weird!

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