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March 2, 2009

Extra added bonus snark

Or, as I just put it in an email to a tech designer friend: if we pulled this pop quiz on a selection of knit designers, how many would pass?

(I say this with the full knowledge that I might not, depending on what the pattern was; however, this is why you hire a tech editor who knows what he or she is doing to check your work for things you have missed!)

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  • Anonymous

    First, the funny part:

    The way I heard the exchange, it went like this:

    WC-Would you sleep with me?
    Lady-Not for a million dollars!
    WC-How about $(some other amount)?

    And from there, the same.

    As for the content management, I’m with you all the way. I’ve subscribed and then dropped one of the big 3 (VK,Knitter’s, and IK) due to the execreble designs they publish, & TKGA’s entire approach to knitting seems narrow, rigid, & fashion-backward. To all of them I say, if you want my (monetary & beyond) participation, give me something engaging!

    End of rant.

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