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February 2, 2005

Even if you don’t speak Swedish…

One look at the colors of Ulla’s knitting, as seen on her blog Garnlek, will inspire you!

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  • Krys

    that is a cool site. Well I am on a hat kick right now. I can get a nice one out in just around 2 hours.

    I like nonconventional stuff. I’m more of a punky/emo kid in nature and so you know I make alot of hats and scarfs…LOL

    But its kinda hard being a male knitter cause it is weird talking to girls about it sometimes. I am the only person I know that knits and so I really don’t have anyone to turn to except the internet. And even then they guys I find are older than me. So I have to go to knitty and chat with the ladies there. Not saying I don’t like it. But sometiems I would like to talk to guys around my age and see what they like knitting and stuff you know.

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  • kate sonnick

    hey knitgrrrrrrl,
    dig your blog. how do you get your links to line up all neat-like on the side there? i am a freshie when it comes to the blog thang. so inspiring to see your stuff. keep it comin’!

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  • Eleanor

    Yes, I wish I did speak Swedish. I’d love to know how to make those beautiful patterns! What a gorgeous blog!

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