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March 12, 2007

Eunny Jang named editor of Interweave Knits

(PDF press release).

Loveland, Colo., March 12, 2007: Interweave Press announced today that Eunny Jang, knitwear designer and popular knitting blogger, will be the new editor of Interweave Knits magazine, effective March 15. The announcement was made by Interweave Press President Marilyn Murphy at the same time as her announcement that Interweave Knits editor Pam Allen is resigning to pursue other interests in the needlecraft industry. Interweave Knits, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has experienced several consecutive years of phenomenal newsstand growth, and its subscribers have grown by more than 25 percent in the last year and by more than 200 percent in the last five years.

Ms. Murphy says, “Eunny Jang is the perfect match to be the new editor of Knits and to build on Pam Allen’s success. She totally understands Interweave’s sensibility and aesthetic, and she has incredible respect in the knitting community among designers, enthusiasts, and a new generation of knitters who are active online. As a contributor to Knits, Ms. Jang has connected with readers across a wide range of subject matters. She is beyond brilliant in her understanding of knitting techniques, and we are confident she will continue to forge the indelible bond Knits has with its readers.”

Amen to that. Here’s a link to Eunny’s own post. Congrats! One of my favorite knitbloggers is taking over my favorite knitting magazine — what could be better than that?

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  • Lolly

    Great news, isn’t it? I am thrilled for her!

    Reply to Lolly
  • Samantha

    Very encouraging to see Interweave hire someone with such obvious knitting chops instead of a “media” savvy person. No dumbing down of IK, like what happened to food network. Hooray for Eunny!

    Reply to Samantha

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