July 27, 2010

ebook news + blog tour stop

Ok, big news today. Let’s do a nice list to keep it all organized, shall we?
1. If you ordered the ebook edition of The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design, the updated file was sent out today. Let me know if you didn’t get it (after, of course, checking your spam filters for emails from E-junkie).
2. Part one of many conversations with Donna Druchunas about ebooks and many other related topics went live on her blog today (the timing was coincidental, yet perfect!). Julie’s post went live today, too!
3. The book will soon be available in Apple’s iBookstore and directly on Amazon for the Kindle. Why not directly on B&N for the Nook? You tell me, kids. Or see the end of this post over at our publishing website). That pretty much sums it up. I’d ask all of my Nook-users to write in to B&N and ask for the book, but I’ve pretty much given up hope that anyone has a clue over there.
4. One major difference between the ebook files I am selling directly to you over at Cooperative Press and the files Apple and Amazon have is that they put DRM on them. This may or may not be a major issue for you; for some people it definitely is. So, with that in mind, please know that unless otherwise stated (and I doubt this will ever happen!), if you’re buying an ebook file from Cooperative Press, it will NOT have DRM on it.
5. Boyfriend dearest spent many, many, many hours of his life manually fixing problems with the ebook files. Creating ebook files is not yet something at which Adobe InDesign excels, despite all claims to the contrary. Sometimes you really do have to dig in to the raw code to make things work. I am so incredibly happy to have someone here who can help when I reach the end of my (mental) rope! Also, we learned a lot for next time…so hopefully this will never happen again!
Coming soon: I’ll be releasing my pattern Jasper in the next few days.
I haven’t been too wordy recently, but that’s mostly because my 2 summer interns and I are hunkered down working our heads off. Wait til you see my fall design collection and also the Fresh Designs book series. Woo!

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