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January 19, 2008

Eats, shoots and leaves

(Post title is a joke based on a book about grammar, and that pretty much sums up everything I did while in San Francisco, with the exception of visiting the astonishing Britex Fabrics, which falls under none of these categories).

We did the Alt Fiber photo shoot in San Francisco earlier this week. You can see the preliminary book cover here — the mini-photos on the front will change, but it’s the general layout. The photo shoot was so, so fun. My models weren’t models, for one. They were publishers’ marketing staff, former Sampler staffers, and Natalie from CRAFT mag! The photographer, Sasha, was brilliant. The stylist, Peggi, and the hair and makeup artist, Meaganne were amazing. The photographers’ assistants (one of whom is a model and looks like Cameron Diaz’s identical twin) were lovely. Photo shoots always have the potential to go horribly wrong, but this one certainly didn’t.

Ashley, shortly before we got hassled by park rangers, wearing a beaded shawl by Sivia Harding.

Meaganne as Isabella Blow.

How we suffer for our art! Poor Nancy had to kneel on a rocky beach in the freezing cold atop a photo reflector…but the photos are gorgeous!

We shot some sock shots near this kickass art car in Sausalito — very cool.

Natalie from CRAFT in an elegant linen stitch linen skirt (linenĂ‚Â² skirt) by Nikol Lohr.

Natalie’s dog Lulu came, too! (And she was in a few shots that I desperately hope make it into the book, as they’re adorable — for example, yawning next to a pair of socks the same color as her tongue. No kidding!)

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  • barbe

    damn I wish I had known you were here!!! natasha and I were talking about you this weekend!

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