March 15, 2012

Designer 101 class signups are open!

My popular Designer 101 bootcamp class is accepting signups for its next session! The class, which is run through my virtual online teaching space, has helped dozens of knitwear designers of all experience levels develop their business skills and design aesthetics, as well as learn about practical considerations (from contracts to photography, and everything in between) in a private, supportive environment alongside other designers with the same questions.
What it’s not:

  • basic knitting skills (we assume you are already, or are planning to sell your designs, whether on Ravelry, in print or to magazines/etc)
  • technical editing or grading (we have other classes for that, and if you’ve been waiting, we are trying to schedule one soon)
  • a class to “coast” in — you get more out of it when you participate!

What it is:

  • An opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with me both in and after class — I am happy to help you out with lingering questions or new problems even after class ends. (One former student landed a major magazine commission recently, and I was pleased to provide feedback on her contract questions, which directly tied into the contracts module from class!)
  • A chance to ask questions in a supportive, private environment — some things you just don’t want to ask on a public board, as one student said!
  • A place where you can rethink what you’re doing, get new ideas from fellow designers, and improve your patterns/work overall.

What previous students have said they like about the class:
“Having access to wide group of people and a professional that actually took time too look at what I did and give me feedback. I also loved have the opportunity to take a guided walk through of essentially starting up a pattern business and learning what I needed to do!”
“Creating a designer style sheet, and the whole idea of branding. Getting ideas from the other class participants. [Learning about] the marketing side of designing.”
“I really enjoyed working through the lessons and assignments with other classmates and making those bonds as well as learning from each other and obtaining feedback.”
When asked if they’d recommend the class to others, previous students say:
“Yes, this class is not about HOW to design, but how to be successful with your designs. It’s an excellent class that has you look at what you bring to the table, streamline your brand and make you successful doing what you love. It was a fun, exciting class with lots of tips.”
“Yes, absolutely. It’s a great thing to get solid, honest feedback from professionals and be able to talk openly in a closed forum.”
“Absolutely. This class was hands-down one of the best investments for my business, not only did it teach you all the things you didn’t know you didn’t know, it also gave you (me) the motivation to follow through with them and launch my designing career into high gear!”
The class is $65, and runs for as long as necessary to cover everyone’s questions and make sure everyone is clear on the subject matter, generally 4-6 weeks. Assignments are posted and you respond with your homework in-thread, so it’s not necessary to be online at the same time as everyone else, although we can schedule chat sessions as needed if desired.
If you sign up, I’ll invite you to the classroom manually (it’s not automatic), so patience please!
We’re also working on bringing back some old class favorites (fashion illustration, etc), so stay tuned for that.
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See you in class!

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  • Faeryfay

    Hi Shannon,
    Is this course open to people overseas? I am in Australia and would like to do the course, but you say that you send assignment via post? When is the next class starting?

    Reply to Faeryfay

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