Cupcakes and sugar highs

As seen on CRAFT: tasty, tasty marzipan-covered cupcakes (I am one of Those People who love marzipan. There aren’t that many of us, alas)

You can make me those anytime. Just not before a podcast. Ok, so the first one went well even if there were some technical glitches (theme song didn’t cue, so I’m planning to add it back in during post-production). Nikol and I think we sounded seven, and possibly chock full of sugar. What can I say? We’re enthusiastic. I promise to take it down a notch next time.

Speaking of podcasters, our beloved revolutionary Violet is contemplating opening a shop of her own. Do it! do it! Let us blanket the countryside with fabulous indie craft shops! It’ll be like an underground railroad of awesome. People will take their two weeks of vacation and travel the path, crafting themselves silly and making the world a much better place. Or so I hope, anyway.

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