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April 14, 2009

CSA Farm Fresh Knits pattern booklet

During a very deliberate no-computer-thank-you weekend I realized that all my recent design projects not only had a capital-T Theme, but a very deliberate one, with a perfect photoshoot venue, and lots more… thus was born the Knitgrrl.com CSA Farm Fresh Knits booklet, which will feature over ten patterns (probably about 15 by the time I’m done with it), including Maize, Furrow, Green Fingers and more…

And not just knits — there’ll be a few fun and simple useful sewing projects and some other shhhh! still secret! stuff to come.

I’m excited. I knit Furrow start to finish so quick it’d make your head spin. My design notebook is covered in notes. I’ve acquired some knit-helpers. Secret new yarns have been bandied about (emails flying all over the place! whoosh!)! I’ll reveal as much as I can without revealing too much as we get closer and closer to TNNA, where I hope to unveil the finished product, or at least a reasonable fascimile thereof.

Did I mention there will be goats involved? Yes, goats. Everything is better with goats.

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  • Word Lily

    Love it! That makes so much sense. Just sad and wondering why it’s not a whole book …

    Reply to Word Lily
  • mary lou

    And will you be bringing the goats to TNNA? Might liven up the convention center. I will be there, so hope to get to visit.

    Reply to mary lou
  • jonquil

    “Everything is better with goats.” so true. French Alpines are my fave.

    Reply to jonquil
  • Mandi

    Oh this *IS* exciting. I’m a farmgirl at heart (in the “Mary Jane’s Farm” sense – ever read those magazines/books? fabulous!) so I love the theme you’re going with!

    Reply to Mandi
  • emmajane

    I tend to agree about goats. I even added some to Front End Drupal (page 99) because even technology is better with goats (sheep are on page 278). 🙂

    Reply to emmajane

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