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April 13, 2010

Crochet for Bears to Wear tour

Tomorrow my friend & Stitch Cooperative colleague Amy O’Neill Houck kicks off her Crochet for Bears to Wear blog tour. The tour schedule is below, and she’ll be visiting here on the 16th.

(And if you don’t crochet, worry not — just pick up a copy of her first book on the topic, Knits for Bears to Wear).

  • 13 April — Craftzine will be posting a free pattern from the book.
  • 14 April — Modeknit will review the book and do a free giveaway.
  • 15 April — Skamama’s Bone Hook is making one of the patterns for an American Girl Doll.
  • 16 April — Knitgrrl (Well, you’ll have to check in and find out, won’t you?).
  • 17 April — KnitBrit is doing a book and yarn giveaway.
  • 18 April — The Crochet Dude Drew Emborsky will discuss his design from the book.
  • 19 April — Planet June will show how to work with a pattern from the book for an original stuffed creation.
  • 20 April — Yarn Thing will feature Amy on the podcast.
  • 21 April — Crochet By Faye is doing an interview.
  • 22 April — Designing Vashti.
  • 23 April — Sheep to Shawl will discuss working on a pattern
  • .

Hurray for blog tours! I’ve done the actually-leaving-the-house kind and they are difficult. When Kim Werker and I went on the road to promote Knitgrrl and Get Hooked in 2006 (photos here) it was fun but also super-exhausting. I got really sick in Boston and ended up miserable in the rain in NYC…by the time we got to DC, it’s a wonder I was still standing. But there were many good things, too. Kim started spinning. When we went to Canada, I finally got to experience what ‘bacon’ means to Canadians. (And much more).

So, don’t miss out on Thursday and Friday — we’ve got my giveaway (there’s still time to enter!) and then Amy stopping by. Lots of excitement!

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