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January 14, 2010

Covered in wool (as usual)

Online classes are starting soon, Satomi is finished (but I’m going to be video-ing her steeking for one of the classes, and I spent a fairly large amount of time uploading some of my handmade scarves to Etsy last night. They’re on sale until just before Valentine’s day, so stock up while you can.

I have to say I’m going to be extra-sorry to see this one go:

There’s just something about how I got the wool fiber matrix to pull apart into a lacy felted pattern that makes me so happy. The colors came out looking like a sunset through my studio windows, too. It’s so soft and airy, it traps nice big warm air bubbles around you when you put that one on.

There are still spaces in the online classes if you’d like to sign up — you can go directly to the form here.

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  • Virginia

    Ooh, very pretty! My first thought when I saw the photo is that it looked like light coming through a window… and then I read your post. Very cool!

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