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February 1, 2007

Countdown to V-Day with Naughty Needles

Nikol “Thrifty Knitter” Lohr’s new book, Naughty Needles has its own website, and you can buy a signed copy directly from her here.

I was reading Nikol’s website Disgruntled Housewife years ago. It’s funny, because it seems that many of the women with long-term websites have ended up crafty in some way — Bonnie from GRRL comes to mind. And speaking of other websites, check out Nikol’s yarn school, too.

So, if you need saucy stuff for Valentine’s Day, Naughty Needles has got it for you! I’ll post a full review when my copy arrives. (I saw it at TNNA, but wanted to get it from Nikol).

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