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April 3, 2010

Cold turkey, green yarn

As some of you know, I’ve been off caffeine for nearly a week now, and it’s been painful, to say the least. (This is part of some dietary changes I’m making — while it will most likely be back someday, it won’t be for a while. Thanks, Dr. Fuhrman…NOT!)

My Facebook status updates all week have been things like “on day 2 of no caffeine. Have not killed anyone yet. This counts as success.” and “day 4. Everyone still alive, all limbs accounted for…”

So, the divine Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, home of Socks That Rock and also Tinas That Rock, notices my pain and sends me a care package:

Can you believe how sweet she is? Seriously, I’m in awe. So, I would like to pass along the love and do 3 nice things this week, and two of them are for you, readers.

Leave a comment with a number between 1-500 and I will pick 2 winners. Each one will get either copies of all my currently-available patterns or a signed copy of The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design when it’s released, in whichever format they prefer. So — put a number, and either ‘patterns’ or ‘book’. The two closest to the number chosen by the random number generator are the winner.

Deadline is 15 April, so we can make tax day happier for someone. In the event of a tie, there will be more than 2 awards.

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  • honeybee33

    419. (it’s my birfday!)

    and “book” … cuz I want a piece of yer brain! ;~)

    ~ hb33 ~

    Reply to honeybee33
  • Kimberly from SBL

    OOOOOOOOOOO!!! Let’s see, what number will be the winner? How about “375” as my choice. =:8

    Reply to Kimberly from SBL
  • Shauna

    So exciting!

    I pick 142 and book!!

    Reply to Shauna
  • Cindy @txflygirl

    What a fabulous gesture you are doing. How thoughtful! By the way – I stopped drinking caffeine almost 20 years ago and once the pain wears off you really do feel much better in the long run!


    Reply to Cindy @txflygirl
  • Deb

    Wow you’re lucky to have a friend to send you care packages.

    Patterns number 22

  • terri

    372 and book, plz. And happy day. 🙂

    Reply to terri
  • Dani

    Awww how sweet! I’m glad everyone is still living and fully intact.
    Book! And #220 (boyfriends birthday, gotta be lucky right?)

    Reply to Dani
  • Trinity

    324 – Book!

    Reply to Trinity
  • Heather

    Book 313 – My new address 🙂

    Reply to Heather
  • DawnK

    312 (my birthday) and book, please.

    Reply to DawnK
  • Kerrie

    What a great care package!
    OK, for no particular reason I chose 147 and a book ‘cuz I like ’em ^_^

    I must ask… does no caffeine include chocolate!?!? Say it ain’t so!!!

    Reply to Kerrie
  • Anna

    I piiiick: 127
    and BOOK!

    Reply to Anna
  • Carmen

    It’s good to be nice even when no one is looking !!!! #366 Book for sure..

    Reply to Carmen
  • Cindy (maxfun)

    What a lovely surprise!

    I’d love a copy of your new book!


    Reply to Cindy (maxfun)
  • Linda

    wow you are a bigger woman than me giving up caffeine hope it helps though! also so nice to have great friends! I know that feeling it’s great!! I pick #53 and book please!! thanks!

    Reply to Linda
  • Suzanne


    Reply to Suzanne
  • Knitter Kitter

    499- Book, please 🙂

    Reply to Knitter Kitter
  • Helen

    Number 8. And a book please. 🙂

    Reply to Helen
  • lyndsey-jane

    number 4 and patterns. have been 3 weeks off caffeine now and it gets easier. keep it up!

    Reply to lyndsey-jane
  • Erin

    321 – because why not?

    Reply to Erin
  • Kristin

    I choose… 368.

    Also, I’ve been caffeine free for a long time now. I had a short stint working as a barista and got hooked for a time, but caffeine gives me anxiety, so I just say No.

    Reply to Kristin
  • Tracy

    Keep up the great work!
    Hmm…my number 247 and I would love the book…please :O)

    Reply to Tracy
  • GaietyGirl

    I’ll go with 976 and book please.

    Keep going with the caffeine-free kick! You can do it!

    Reply to GaietyGirl
  • Barbro

    222, a book.
    I would like reading something from you.

    Reply to Barbro
  • stariel

    37, and how about patterns. 😀

    Reply to stariel
  • MaryjoO

    hugs for the no-caffeine — I’m not always successful. But thanks for the above …. and I’ll shoot for 327 and your patterns!

    Reply to MaryjoO
  • Annie Gaffney

    I say book for number 44!

    Reply to Annie Gaffney
  • Denise

    : D Yay! #13 please… book!

    – Denise (dlotter on ravelry…twitter)

    Reply to Denise
  • Linda Courtney

    21 and would love the book!

    Reply to Linda Courtney
  • lauren

    107 and book. Good luck with the no-caffeine!

    Reply to lauren
  • Martha

    63–a good number. 😉

    Hope the caffeine-deprivation headache has passed. I hate them.

    Reply to Martha
  • Marta

    28 please. Either prize is fabulous!

    (please let me win please let me win please let me win please let me win please let me win please let me win please let me win )

    Reply to Marta
  • Dee

    459 and patterns

    Aren’t friends grand!!!!

  • Beth

    10, and I’d love to win the patterns!

    Reply to Beth
  • Rivercitystl

    78. Book!

    Reply to Rivercitystl
  • Hope M.

    Oooooo….that stinks! I’m sorry. Good for you though!
    Now, let’s see….#222 and patterns please!
    Thanks! 🙂

    Reply to Hope M.
  • Cheryl Clemons

    Number 378 and the book. And thanks for doing this

    Reply to Cheryl Clemons
  • Jill

    500 and book, please!

    Reply to Jill
  • Sharon

    Hmmmmm. 190. And book. And good luck with the caffeine thing – apparently it does get easier.

    Reply to Sharon
  • liz

    I feel your pain!! I pick 315! Can’t wait!!

  • Gretchen

    Book please!

    Reply to Gretchen
  • Kari

    267 Just because it was the first number in my head.

    Patterns please. I will buy your book 🙂

    Reply to Kari
  • bellatulips

    Wow, I wish quitting caffeine made me so generous. Usually I wind up just a raging… *ahem!*

    379. Book.

    Congrats on all that gorgeous yarn, too! 🙂

    Reply to bellatulips
  • Amysue

    453 and the patterns please! What a great contest and hope you acclimate to no caffeine soon!

    Reply to Amysue
  • CraftyShanna

    # 468

    I think I’d like the book. 😀 Thanks for the chance!

    Reply to CraftyShanna
  • Jen.

    212 — patterns, for certain!

    Reply to Jen.
  • Rasa

    #74 patterns please:)

    Reply to Rasa
  • Angela

    88 autographed book

    Reply to Angela
  • limonene

    252 and book, please.

    Reply to limonene
  • Johanna

    Thanks for paying it forward! 44 – patterns 🙂

    Reply to Johanna
  • Rene

    13 for the book. Had to give up caffeine too – the pain subsides – eventually.

    Reply to Rene
  • karen

    thank you for the chance to win.
    sharing is a wonderful thing + i’m inspired!
    that green is lovely, btw!

    Reply to karen
  • karen

    ps: good luck w/ th caffeine elimination. i am living proof that it can be done!

    Reply to karen
  • alissa

    106 – my due date – baby#1 – book!

    Reply to alissa
  • Lori

    Book please. 10 that’s what the numbers in my birthday add up to.

    Reply to Lori
  • Sigrun

    13 and patterns.

    Reply to Sigrun
  • michelle

    Wow! Good for you! I would not be awake if it were not for caffeine. I’ve tried the cold turkey thing before but by lunch time I’m either asleep – or I’ve not woken up yet. Either way it’s a fail! Keep up the good work.

    I would like 251, and I choose the book.

    Reply to michelle
  • tinebeest

    212, with pattern please 🙂

    I regularly go caffeine free for a few days (migraines…). The positive side is that I can afford to be a snob about the bean juice: if I don’t like the quality of the brown liquid, I’ll happily forgo it until I can get hold of a proper cup of black gold. And when you get your mitts on one of those, it tastes like heaven on earth! Good luck with the food changes, it’s worth thinking about the fuel one puts into one’s body 🙂

    Reply to tinebeest
  • jane

    250 and patterns and good on you for implementing dietary changes

    Reply to jane
  • Theresa

    208 and book! 🙂 And I’m Very Sorry I annoyed you on day 2…

    Reply to Theresa
  • janine

    You’re a stronger person than I Gungadin ( forgive the misquoting) 🙂 I don’t think I could survive at the moment without caffeine – though my body would probably prefer that I did

    Reply to janine
  • Dana

    I *know* I could not survive without my coffee. I am totally in awe of you. You are so much strong than I.

    #228 patterns

    Reply to Dana
  • Barbara

    I had to give up caffeine for a year or so, and it was so hard. But wow, that first cup of coffee when you can have it again!

    467 and your book (in case I ever decide to design something besides toys)

    Reply to Barbara
  • Deirdre

    #302 – and patterns, please

    I am most impressed with your giving up coffee! I am contemplating dropping coffee for a bit, but am having a really hard time even thinking of it… it’s like my elixir of life…

    Reply to Deirdre
  • Tonys

    #26 – and book! How nice of you to share!

    Reply to Tonys
  • Chelsea

    420 and book! I can’t wait to read it!

    Reply to Chelsea
  • Nikkia

    68 and pattern!!!!!

    Reply to Nikkia
  • Word Lily

    Hmm, I’ll go with 204; and book.

    Reply to Word Lily
  • beachbump

    I hope to catch your spirit of awesomeness. And your willpower! I need to give up caffeine, but not quite ready yet. Good for you though!

    #33 and hm, book! 🙂

    Reply to beachbump
  • May

    Great job on the coffee kick. I can’t do it.
    My entry: #401 Book

  • maura

    #157, patterns

    Reply to maura
  • The Other Kristen

    I’ll pick 17, and patterns. Yee!

    Reply to The Other Kristen
  • Fibrelover

    I feel your pain. I recently gave up caffine too, addicted for years and do NOT feel like myself! Courage!
    #455 and book

    Reply to Fibrelover
  • Christine Guest

    165 book (165 is divisible by 11, which makes it cool)

    Reply to Christine Guest
  • Yarn Love

    Hang in there with the caffeine. I promise it gets much, much easier as time goes on. Right now, due to baby #4 in utero I am off coffee, alcohol and chocolate (chocolate randomly doesn’t agree with the baby.). Guess what my 3 favorite things are – yep, coffee, alcohol and chocolate.

    Week 3 was my magic week – no cravings. The first two were brutal. But now 16 weeks in equilibrium is pretty easy. You’ll get there, too.

    Since everyone else is picking a #, I”ll go with 12.

    Reply to Yarn Love
  • Brandee Fondren

    I gave up Coke or lent last year and it was THE hardest 40 days in my life! Good luck.
    I’ll take 237… and the book that I can’t wait to get into my hot little hands!

    Reply to Brandee Fondren
  • Debbie Fring

    I pick # 113!
    I know your pain. I can’t have caffeine because of a mitral valve prolapse in my heart….I love it but it doesn’t love me…..so sad….be creative in your substitutes!!

    Reply to Debbie Fring
  • Shannon

    I’ll take 153 and I would love a copy of your book!

    Reply to Shannon
  • Chris

    Good luck! I cannot go 2 hours without caffeine in my system, at least during the morning. My number will be 23 for the book!

    Reply to Chris
  • Cher

    Good luck with not killing anyone or chopping off limbs. Been there. I’m picking number 8 and patterns please. Thanks.

    Reply to Cher
  • Kristen

    Go Shannon, you can do it! I’m on 3 months without cigarettes, caffeine is next (in like 5 months).

    So, I pick number 362 – for the patterns please!

    It’ll get easier I swear. And that sock yarn? To die for. Enjoy!

    Reply to Kristen
  • Lety

    7 – book! Awesome.

    Reply to Lety
  • chppie

    218 and book. I am also mostly caffeine free and feel much better in so many ways.

    Reply to chppie
  • Susie

    What a great contest! I’ll go with #3 and I’d love a signed copy of your book! I feel your pain about the caffeine. I gave it up when pregnant and coffee was the fist thing I asked for after popping out each beastie.

    Reply to Susie
  • Rachel

    #253 please and patterns

    Reply to Rachel
  • Lisa

    I would looooove a copy of the book! 433 please 🙂

    Reply to Lisa
  • Katie

    272 and paaaaaaaaatterns!! Fun!!

    Reply to Katie
  • Lida

    I pick #16 and the patterns.

    You can do it, you will get used not having caffeine float through your veins!

    Reply to Lida
  • Marilyn

    #212…patterns please.

    Good luck with kicking the caffeine!!


    Reply to Marilyn
  • StephCat

    419 (hubby’s bday)

    patterns! already preordered your book :^)

    life without caffeine? isn’t that an oxymoron?

    Reply to StephCat
  • Sarah

    My number is 399. Fingers crossed!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Pandorasslave

    321.4 ( or if you really want integers, 321) and Patterns please!

    I am sorry for your pain. And I promise. It does get better. I went 6 months without caffeine of any sort, and it only took 6 days for the headaches to go away. I hope the care package made you feel loved. Tina is a sweetheart.

    Reply to Pandorasslave
  • Pappyknitter

    You are so nice, when suffering so…..I only gave up coffee once and had a headache so bad.
    My number is 252 books/patterns, I’m easy. And Thank you so very much.

    Reply to Pappyknitter
  • Pia


  • Suzy

    My lucky number 10! 🙂

    Reply to Suzy
  • kelli


    Reply to kelli
  • Ellen

    My lucky number is 15!

    Reply to Ellen
  • Karen

    Oh the book for sure! No. 56

    Reply to Karen
  • Lindsey


    Reply to Lindsey
  • Stephanie

    114…would love a book!

    Thanks for doing this!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Diana

    47. And book.

    Reply to Diana
  • mel


    um…patterns pls

  • anna hell

    How about 99 (like the problems) and the patterns! Also, o hai from tumblr!

    Reply to anna hell
  • Cynthia

    I gave up caffeine when I was prego and it was a bit challenging to say the least. I drank a lot of peppermint tea. It’s hard, but I think you are past the hard part now…..hang in there! (200!)

    Reply to Cynthia
  • Elizabeth

    book, please!
    thanks for the chance!

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Joanne

    2 and book.
    I must say that caffeine is a challenging one for me. I am down to one cup of black tea a day with the occasional second cup of tea or (single) cup of coffee. By occasional, think no more than 2 or 3 times a week at most. I miss caffeine and have discovered that instead of killing myself with the desire of it, –that’s when I just have my second cuppa. It helps me cope.

    I’ve found it easier to give up most all alcohol than to give up tea/coffee. And chocolate? That I could never give up!

    Reply to Joanne
  • Ammie

    Fun! I choose 211, since eleven is my favorite number, especially when paired with a two. I would choose the fantastic patterns. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Reply to Ammie
  • Stephanie

    38 for a book please!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Beth

    209, and Book! I’m impressed with your having given up caffeine. I drink waaaayyyy too much of it. 🙂

    Reply to Beth
  • adrih

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Reply to adrih
  • Marnie

    It’s hard to choose!
    I’ll go for the book.
    Number: 297
    What a nice way to “Pay it Forward!”

    Reply to Marnie
  • Cheryl

    124 and patterns please!

    Reply to Cheryl
  • TheSexyKnitter

    How fun! The book would just be amazing! I pick #27!

    Reply to TheSexyKnitter
  • Penny

    442 and the book, please!!

    Reply to Penny
  • emy

    Let’s hope I am not too late.

    407 and book please!

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