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October 25, 2006

Chicagoist gets it

(Thanks, Chicagoist…now I’ve got Dead or Alive trapped in my head!)

Check this out: Chicagoist wrote about my upcoming teaching day at Arcadia Knitting. My two absolute favorite quotes from the article:

Think you’re hip there with your knitting needles and your little scarf? Aw, that’s cute. But really, just about everyone is knitting these days. Want to stay hip? Get into spinning. No, not that kind of spinning, we’re talking about spinning your own yarn, and all the cool kids are doing it.


We say why stop there? Why not go out and buy yourself some sheep and stop screwing around? Amateurs.

Afterwards, I’ll be dashing over to the Dulaan Knit-In sponsored by the fabulous Franklin Habit and Dolores van Hoofen (see here) — betting it’ll run long, it’s not like you can coerce a bunch of rowdy knitbloggers to put down their needles precisely at 6:00. Oh yeah? Just you try it. As the shirt says

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  • pippi

    hahah! great quotes!!
    but, this, this would mean… *gasp* for once in my life i was a \”cool kid\”

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