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September 23, 2009

Calling all thrift store bounty hunters!

I’m working on a new project and need to acquire as many pale, plain thrift store sweaters as I can. I’m looking for pullovers and cardigans in the crew-neck Shetland style (no v-necks, please).


  • Very plain: no embellishment
  • Fine gauge (max 4 stitches per inch and preferably more like 6-7)
  • Pale colors are best: white, cream, pastel yellow/blue/etc
  • If a cardigan, missing buttons are fine
  • 100% wool, please, or at least 90% wool with other animal fiber making up the final 10%
  • Stains are ok provided they’re staining the fiber and not just something stuck on the sweater

These are from my closet, to give you an idea:

Those of you who are felters might already have something like this in your stash, please have a look. I will reimburse you for sweater(s) and shipping, with preference to those of you who have more than one sitting around. If you have some you’d be willing to part with, send photos to admin [at] knitgrrl [dot] com — thank you! In addition to reimbursement, you’ll be credited in the forthcoming project if you like. And please do pass this message along… ideally, I’d like to have at least 40 of them before I move on to the next stage.

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  • Cathy

    I have to go to my thrift store this week anyway. I’ll see what treasures I can find. I’m really curious to see what you have in mind.

    Reply to Cathy
  • Mandy

    Geez, like I needed an excuse to go thrifting! I’ll see what I can find.

    Reply to Mandy
  • Kari

    Danggit all! Like Mandy said – as if I needed another reason to go thrifting! Hahaha!

    Reply to Kari

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