August 19, 2009

Calling all designers!

I recently opened Knitgrrl Studio, a fab brick-and-mortar and online fiber arts studio/shop. I’m looking for designers with killer patterns to feature and sell there. Not just knit, either: sewing, crochet, embroidery, felting and other fibery patterns and how-tos are welcome! If I like it and it meets my (admittedly picky) standards, rock on.

So spread the word — if you’ve got something for me to look at, be it a single pattern or a whole lineup, email me at admin[at]knitgrrl[dot]com with links to where I can see your work. Please let your designer friends know, too, and thank you!

(Not a designer? That’s cool. Stay tuned — with any amount of luck, there will be even more cool stuff to check out over at Knitgrrl Studio soon!)

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  • Theresa Grant

    Fantastic…I’ve just sent you a link, thanks for the consideration!

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  • Marilyn Roberts

    I’m up for it. Have a couple of designs I could submit, that aren’t going into my book. And I did check out the website–looking good! I love that you’re carrying Appleton crewel yarn. Yep, I embroider too, and way back in the ’70s, did Erica Wilson kits, amongst others.

    Much good luck and success with this new venture!


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  • Renee' Barnes

    You can see my current published work on my website. I recently won the National Design contest for the Crochet Guild of America, and there is a pic of that on the site as well as on my blog; just follow the blog links on the site. I would love to work on some designs for you! Thanks for your consideration!

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  • Barbara

    This is great and wishing you well with the Shop!!xx

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  • Chloe

    hi. i love your books, i really want to make one of the projects!

    🙂 CHLOE

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  • Kara Gott Warner

    This all sounds great Shannon! Perfect timing, because I just posted a sneak preview to my fall patterns!

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