Brushes with greatness

Ok, this is funny. Remember my Knitty Gritty let’s-spin-dog-hair episode? Remember Lestat, the cutest Pomeranian ever? Well, turns out he’s quite the famous little boy these days — he’s starring as a character called Mr. Muggles on the show Heroes, and even has his own page on the Heroes wiki (which currently lists me as his trainer: not true, I’ve corrected them). Check out this link on Marnie’s blog, where she [accurately] described our interaction:

Lestat on the other hand was pure diva. Here he is surgically attached to Shannon’s lap. He was pretty much whoring himself out for love and admiration.

Seriously, I think Jane the wardrobe goddess would’ve smuggled him out under her [super-long] hair if she could have, she was just in looove with that dog.

2 thoughts on “Brushes with greatness”

  1. Hahaha, I think the owner of that page contacted me thinking I was the owner, then I told him my best friend trained him and he must have presumed that was you. How funny.
    It’s odd too that after 5 years in LA, my greatest brushes with fame were all four legged. I see nothing wrong with this, of course.

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