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September 14, 2002

Breathtaking hand-painted yarn

Today’s impulse buy when pattern-shopping: a big, fat skein of Esperanza hand-painted 70% lambswool, 30% alpaca Esperanza yarn from the Schaefer Yarn Company in Interlaken, NY. The website says “each and every skein or yarn is still individually hand painted”…wow. Mine is a riot of fall colors – from madder reds to marigolds and black, with a little walnut-y taupe in there, too. I plan to make a scarf.

Heaven help me at the Common Ground fleece tent next week, I’m incorrigible.

Something really interesting on the Schaefer site is their Color Concepts for Memorable Women I, II & III. The skein I bought is Margaret Sanger-ish, but not quite. If I hadn’t sent my digital camera in for warranty repair, I’d post a picture of it right now. Alas, you’ll have to wait.

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