October 5, 2006

Blog tour day 5: The Sampler

Did you know when I am not making yarn or knitting that I can make up haikus on the spot? Read today’s interview with Marie of The Sampler for proof. I should’ve known when I saw the warning in her sidebar: Interviews with Sampler Contributors and Sampler Friends! They’re all kinds of fun and sometimes they’re even informative. Did I mention there’s often haiku involved?

And yes, I really did make it up on the spot. Ask Marie if you don’t believe me. If you’ve never experienced the amazingsupercoolness of the Sampler, read more about it here. Last year for San Francisco Bazaar Bizarre, Marie made awesome craft-show-emergency kits for each vendor with stuff like peppermints, safety pins, pens and all the other little things you never think to pack, yet end up needing. She’s a rockstar like that.

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