March 27, 2008

Be the Nina to my Heidi

I’m teaching this summer for ArtWorks in University Circle (Cleveland), doing a fashion/fiber-related program. It’ll be up to the apprentices whether things are more Project Runway or summer theatre-y, although I have a strong suspicion they’ll veer towards the former, but no matter what, it should be fun.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the tents and see what we’re doing! And if I know you, don’t be surprised if I pull you in and make you pretend to be Tim Gunn or [cue Heidi Klum accent] top American designer Michael Kors. Anyone want to be the Nina to my Heidi?

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  • denny mcmillan

    wow that looks like a fun way to spend the summer. You, your talent,your get upand go …you never cease to amaze me. Denny Hey see ya soon eh?

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  • Shannon F.

    Hi Shannon. We have tons in common already… We are both named Shannon and love to knit, and we both live in Cleveland! Well, I live in Willowick… but still, pretty close to Cleveland. Thank you SO much for writing Knitgrrl and Knitgrrl 2! They are my Never-Leave-for-School-without-this-book book. I am only 11 so it is pretty cool to make something that I can actually use! Keep up the great work,and keep on being my role model!

    ~Shannon, age 11

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