November 2, 2007

Bad Knitgrrl! no cookie!

You’d think, as the founder and overall cheerleader of NaKniSweMo, I would’ve been poised at 11:59 p.m. on the 31st, just itching to cast on! You’d be wrong, though. I was facedown in bed and probably snoring. But after some casting on, casting off, casting on again-style decisionmaking, I think I know what I’m going to knit this month! An Elizabeth Zimmermann adult surprise jacket in Amy Butler-ish colors, with liberal use of provisional cast on (my favorite), vertical bust darts (check out this great tutorial) and maybe felting…we’ll see.

Yes, because it would have been easy to just slap another top-down raglan on the needles, which I consider cheating, or to count one of my due-next-month book sweaters. Will I crash and burn? Let’s find out.

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  • Ivy

    I cast on last night for sitcom chic on my nice size 6 needles (yes I swatched; yes I actually got gauge on the suggested needles). I knit about half a row. This morning on the bus I knit along to the end of row three and read the instructions for row 4–switch to size 8 needles. My size 8s were at home so no knitting for the rest of the bus ride in. No knitting over lunch. No knitting on the ride home. I did some knitting tonight, and I’m barely past the first increase.

  • Amy

    Ooh, you know I still have yet to knit an EZ sweater–I’ve been thinking about a Tomten tho’. You totally need to post progress photos tho! (oh, and you didn’t tell us what yarn you were using!)

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