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October 12, 2010

Attention sock knitters, and people with feet!

Would you be an absolute dear and help one of Cooperative Press’ new authors with her book? Here is a link to the survey that you can retweet or whatever else you want to do to spread the word:
The delightful Stariel, aka Ariel Altaras, is writing a sock knitting-related book for us and you can help by supplying some numbers. I don’t think it is exaggerating to say Ariel knits a lot of socks — let’s look at the body count, ahem, FO count on her website:

7 pairs of socks before 2006
50 pairs in 2006
44 pairs in 2007
28 pairs in 2008
20 pairs in 2009

…but as you no doubt know, your 8 may not be my 8, and vice versa. (My 8, for example, is actually an 11. This is why I don’t knit socks, for the most part. I might as well do a sweater at that point…)
And speaking of which: I am headed off to Rhinebeck this weekend. I won’t be wearing a new sweater unless I dredge something out of the completed-but-not-written-up-yet pile, which is kind of cheating when it comes to the “new sweater for Rhinebeck” thing. I’m one of the squares in Rhinebeck Bingo, which should be fun, Cooperative Press is one of the Ravelry party sponsors (very fun), we’ve rented a cabin by a lake (ultra fun), and Miriam and I are both signing books in Building B.
The tentative schedule is (Rhinebeck Bingo players, cover your eyes! don’t cheat!) as follows on Saturday, and the reverse on Sunday (i.e. Mim signs first that day).
10-11:30 Shannon Okey
11:30-1 Miriam Felton
2:00-3:30 Shannon Okey
3:30-5 Miriam Felton
See you there!

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  • tinebeest

    Ah, unfortunately I am a size something else (EU42-UK8), or I’d have been in there. We need pics of runners’ feet! All beat up after too many marathons preferably. Those are real feet and you can knit socks for them too, I have discovered 🙂 (not me, a club mate. I keep getting stranded on injuries). Have fun at Rhinebeck!

    Reply to tinebeest
  • Post authorShannon

    No no no! we don’t need JUST size 8 feet — we need ALL sizes! (it’s just that we have a special photo project planned for the size 8s…you’ll see). So — any size, go for it!
    I’m a US 11, UK 9(ish), so I totally understand…

    Reply to Shannon
  • BeckyinVT

    I didn’t avert my eyes, ut you’re not on my bingo card,so it’s not cheating. I’ll stop and say hi anyway, unless I’m totally wiped!

    Reply to BeckyinVT

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