April 12, 2011

Art, Brooklyn, Capers = the ABCs of my weekend

I had so much fun this weekend! I gave a designer talk at Knitty City, taught at Brooklyn General and did a LOT of art-gallery-hopping with my best friend and studiomate Arabella, who had a piece in a show at Cotton Candy Machine’s inaugural show, Tiny Trifecta. The line was down the block! Heck, it was at least 2 blocks long, it was unbelievable. Some photos…

I always love signs like this, they just make me happy.

Isn’t Brooklyn General a GORGEOUS store?

The doors where we stayed, which had the most beautifully colored patinas on all their surfaces.

Trust me to find the one fiber art piece in all the places we went — this is at Bold Hype Gallery‘s Quentin vs. Coen show. Ever seen Kill Bill? Then you’ll know what it is…

Arabella outside Cotton Candy Machine. Check out the line behind her! We wouldn’t have even gotten in to see the show if she hadn’t been in it, it was madness.
More photos are on my Facebook page. Whew!
I continue to be amazed at the response we’ve had to the Kickstarter campaign. Two weeks to go and we’re still raising more funds. Thank you, everyone, for both contributing and spreading the word!

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  • Anna

    So, the goal was met? That’s fantastic!
    I’ve been to NYC twice, and didn’t have much fun either time. Maybe I need to go with a knitter? Or a swing dancer. I do love to dance.
    Glad you had fun!

    Reply to Anna

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