May 1, 2011

An exciting weekend!

1. The Kickstarter is over, and we raised over $12,000 from 283 backers. Thank you all. This is going to help Cooperative Press do some amazing things!
2. Madame Defarge is on the loose! I am so proud of this book! Gorgeous patterns, fantastic essays…and even though there were some days during the final edits when I thought my eyes might burst from my head, it was all worth it.
3. Miriam put up a preview of her new collection and it’s beautiful.
I hate weekends that are this good, it always makes me wonder when something terrible is going to happen to balance things out. Isn’t that ridiculous? Here, let’s post another happy. Check out this dyejob, isn’t it gorgeous?
I have three more Cooperative Press books very nearly done that need to be finished before TNNA. In short, it’s going to be another looooong month — but don’t get me wrong, I am loving it!

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